A giant robotic Donald Trump sitting on the toilet and tweeting made an appearance in London last Tuesday as part of the protests against the U.S. president’s visit to the U.K.

The giant robot sat among the thousands of protestors who gathered in Trafalgar Square in Central London to demonstrate against Trump’s state visit. The bot boasts a massive head, big hair, pants down to its ankles, and an oversized “Make America Great Again” hat with the line “Impeach me!” added underneath. The presidential replica also made movements and a variety of flatulent noises, all while spouting such quotes as “I’m a very stable genius,” and “you’re fake news.”

The robot was created by Don Lessem, a dinosaur expert from Philadelphia. Lessem said that his goal was “to create this year’s attention-getting and bile-producing sequel to the Trump Baby balloon, and one that could be more easily deployed at rallies all over the world.” The balloon in question is a massive inflatable and infantile version of the president, complete with diaper and phone in hand. It was flown during anti-Trump protests in London last year, and activists say that they are planning to fly it again during the president’s self-focused Fourth of July extravaganza.

At least 75,000 people turned out to protest Trump’s presence in the British capital, while other estimates have the number in the hundreds of thousands. Other groups used wry tactics to try and attack the president, such as projecting his low approval rating on the Tower of London or following him around with the Baby Trump balloon. The president has dismissed such antics, stating in a press conference that the demonstrations against him are “fake news.” Instead, Trump claimed that thousands of people had come out to support his three-day visit and that he had only seen a “small protest” on Tuesday.

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