President Donald Trump said last week that he is furious with Republicans in Washington for failing to investigate his claims against the former Obama administration and Hunter Biden.

The president spoke to a group of workers in Dayton, Ohio, last Monday about officials’ failures to prosecute Democrats for what he viewed as “crimes.”

“Does anything happen? Nothing happens,” Trump said at an event in Dayton, Ohio. “I’m so angry at Republicans. I am. I’m so angry. I am so angry, but a lot of things are happening.”

Trump has tried to encourage sweeping investigations into former President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for months over allegations about the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign associates that he has dubbed “Obamagate.”

The Republican-controlled Senate has largely resisted those calls, but the Governmental Affairs Committee recently voted to authorize more than three dozen subpoenas and depositions to compel testimony from former FBI Director James Comey and others.

Trump lashed out at Comey, a frequent target, accusing him and “all the sleazebags” of “treason.”

Trump has falsely accused Biden and Obama of “spying” on his presidential campaign.

“It’s treason. [James] Comey and all the sleaze bags, they spied on my campaign and we caught ’em,” Trump said. “Let’s now see what happens.”

Trump claimed that he is “trying like hell to stay out of” investigating his political enemies ahead of a highly competitive general election.

“I stay out of it. I just say, ‘I’m trying like hell to stay out of it,’” he said. “But it’s a disgrace that it’s taken so long.”

“I don’t have to actually, but it’s better if I do, I think,” Trump said of investigations. “I’m trying to stay out of it, but it’s a disgrace that it’s taken this long.”

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