Bodies Of Civilians Found In Bucha, Ukraine Victims Of Massacre By Russian Soldiers

Newly released images of Ukrainian civilians’ bodies strewn across the town of Bucha sparked international condemnation of Russia and its troops on Sunday.

Bucha Massacre

Reporters took the photos on Saturday after Ukraine had declared Bucha re-captured after a month-long Russian occupation.

Over three hundred Bucha residents were killed, city Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk reported.

“This is not a war, it is a genocide, a genocide of the Ukrainian population,” he said.


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“The world has already seen many war crimes. At different times. On different continents. But it is time to do everything possible to make the war crimes of the Russian military the last manifestation of such evil on earth,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address.

Bodies in civilian clothes appeared to have been bound by cloths around their hands and legs and killed at close range. One was entangled in a bike while another had been out to get groceries. The bags were still laying near.

“I want all the leaders of the Russian Federation to see how their orders are being fulfilled. Such orders. Such a fulfillment. And joint responsibility. For these murders, for these tortures, for these arms torn off by explosions that lie on the streets. For shots in the back of the head of tied people. This is how the Russian state will now be perceived. This is your image,” Zelensky added in a message directed at Russian officials.

President Joe Biden responded to Russia’s treatment of civilians on Monday morning, saying he thought their actions constituted a “war crime,” but that more evidence would need to be found to put a war crimes case into motion. The International Criminal Court is already looking into it. He vowed to implement more sanctions.

Rose Carter

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