Pew Research Center has published a survey analyzing President Joe Biden‘s and the United State’s approval ratings abroad. The U.S. has seen the most dramatic increase in approval percentage from 2020 to 2021 under Biden in the history of the poll.

The Pew survey specifically surveys Europe and Asia. In both continents, Biden’s personality and policies have allowed him to garner very high levels of popularity. The survey shows how former President Donald Trump‘s approach was widely unpopular internationally. This change shows how successfully the Biden Administration has been at rebuilding America’s image abroad.

In an interview, Richard Wike, the Director of Global Attitudes Research at Pew, spoke about the results and what they really mean. “If you look at 12 nations that we polled both in 2020 and this year, a median of just 17% across those nations had confidence in Trump last year, but 75% have confidence in Biden this year. The percentage across those 12 countries with a favorable view of the U.S. overall rose from 34% last year, when we saw all-time lows in many nations, to 62% in this survey. So there’s been a big change in how key allies and partners of the U.S. view who is in the White House, and that’s had a big impact on America’s overall image.”

Wike spoke to how he believed communities abroad thought Trump was not qualified for the position of president, while Biden is seen as a seasoned veteran. A similar shift in ratings occurred under President George W. Bush, who suffered low ratings abroad. When President Barack Obama entered office these numbers rose significantly, resembling Biden’s. Trump was seen as arrogant and dangerous, while many do not see Biden in the same light.


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